About Me

3rd year CS Undergrad at
Georgia Tech.

I'm a computer science student at Georgia Tech, with concentrations in Artificial Intelligence and Theory. I'm interested in using natural language processing to make intelligent machines.

What I Do

Undergraduate Research

I work in the Computational Linguistics Lab at Georgia Tech under Dr. Jacob Eisenstein. I'm currently working on document level neural machine translation.

The Agency: Internal Operations

The Agency is the AI/ML club at Georgia Tech. I am the internal operations officer, which means I handle weekly talks on machine learning and plan club events.

What I've Done

Quantlab Financial: Intern

I worked at Quantlab Financial, an algorithmic trading firm. I used machine learning and signal processing techniques to build an anomaly detection service for the trading systems and networks.

CS 1331: Teaching Assistant

I was a TA for CS 1331, an introductory Java course. I planned and taught recitation lectures to 50 students weekly.


Projects I've done for courses and hackathons. Code for some is available on my Github

Airbnb vs. Hotels

This was a course project for Data and Visual Analytics. Our project was an interactive visualization showing the differences between Airbnb listings and hotels in New York. I built a sentiment analysis system that could quantify sentiment towards specific aspects of a listing from reviews, like hospitality.

Paizza: Winner @ Hack Duke 2016

Paizza is an intelligent search engine for Piazza, a commonly used course forum platform. I built an information retrieval and document clustering backend system for finding similar questions on a forum. Our project won first prize in the Education Track!