About Me

I'm a recent Georgia Tech graduate, with a degree in Computer Science. I'm interested in using natural language processing to make intelligent machines. I've interned at Microsoft and a trading firm, and I've worked on research projects involving document level NLP, model interpretability, and GANs. I'm currently working on Machine Translation at Microsoft.

My research interests broadly include generation and translation. Recently, I've worked on data-to-text generation and domain adaptation for neural machine translation models.

What I Do

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator

I am working with the Machine Translation research group at Microsoft. I've worked on building high quality translation systems and other projects including data-to-text generation [Poster] [Paper].

I'm currently working on low resource domain adaptation for NMT.

What I've Done

Internships and campus involvement as an undergrad at Georgia Tech.


Undergraduate Research

I worked in the Computational Linguistics Lab at Georgia Tech under Dr. Jacob Eisenstein. I previously worked on document level tasks, like translation and summarization. Prior to graduating, I worked on a project analyzing learned representations in character level tagger models. This work was presented at BlackboxNLP 2019 [Code] [Paper]

Microsoft Logo


Software Engineering Intern

I worked on the Bing team at Microsoft. I built a real time performance analysis system to assist in diagnosing anomaly root causes for services.

Georgia Tech College of Computing

CS 3600

Teaching Assistant: Intro to Artificial Intelligence

I assisted students in understanding AI topics including heurisitic search, probablistic reasoning, and neural networks.


The Agency

Internal Operations Officer

The Agency is the AI/ML club at Georgia Tech. I gave weekly talks on machine learning and organized club events and workshops. The ML center wrote an article about us!

Quantlab Financial


I worked at Quantlab Financial, an algorithmic trading firm. I used signal processing and unsupervised learning methods to detect and correlate performance anomalies across the trading systems.

CS 1331

Teaching Assistant: Intro to OOP

I was a TA for CS 1331, an introductory Java course. I planned and taught recitation lectures to 50 students weekly.


Projects I've done for courses and fun. Code for some is available on Github

Style Booth

As a member of the organizing team for HackGT, I built a photo booth that uses neural style transfer to transform a picture. Participants at our events can use the physical booth or text in photos to our MMS service.

Airbnb vs. Hotels

This was a course project for Data and Visual Analytics. Our project was an interactive visualization showing the differences between Airbnb listings and hotels in New York. I built a directed sentiment analysis system that tried to quantify sentiment towards specific aspects of a listing from reviews, like hospitality or cleanliness.

Paizza: Winner @ Hack Duke 2016

Paizza is an intelligent search engine for Piazza, a commonly used course forum platform. I built an information retrieval and document clustering backend system for finding similar questions on a forum. Our project won first prize in the Education Track!